Unhappy With Your Rhinoplasty?

Most patients that are unhappy with their nose job feel like their nose looks “operated on”. 

Their new nose doesn’t look right.  Perhaps too much alteration took place, or not enough. It looks unnaturally overdone – its too small, too short or too pinched. This may be the result of the nose healing in an irregular manner or too much cartilage was removed during the first surgery.

We Can Help.  But First, Give It Time

The first thing that any patient should do if they are unhappy with their rhinoplasty results is give it time. The tissues of the nose will shift and adjust in subtle ways for many months after surgery. Wait a full year to let your nose heal from the initial procedure before pursuing any additional surgery. Not only will this give you time to determine if you truly desire revision surgery, but it will also give your body critical time to heal. Failing to let the tissues heal properly could have severe consequences on your revision rhinoplasty surgeon’s ability to effectively manipulate the nasal tissues according to your desires.

Second.  Have Realistic Expectations 

Your initial surgeon should have spoken with you about how every nose is unique, and some changes may not be possible for certain individuals. Other desired changes may not be compatible with your facial features, particularly for different ethnicities. A skilled surgeon can guide you in making choices that are realistic for your nose and face and that will give you the best aesthetic results.

Lastly, Find an Experienced ENT/Rhinoplasty Surgeon 

Revision rhinoplasty is significantly different from traditional rhinoplasty. Before you pursue revision rhinoplasty, research and seek out a surgeon who specializes in revision rhinoplasty. This is the best way to ensure that you get the results you desire

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