Nose Thread Removal

Nose Thread Removal

Results from a nose thread lift treatment are immediate. And even though your body eventually absorbs the threads, this takes around 18 months. So, the results will continue to improve as your body starts to produce more collagen for the next 3-6 months and up to a year.

The newly formed collagen will keep the area around the threads tight, maintaining the newly created shape.

But Sometimes Your Nose Threads Need To Be Removed

Sometimes, even the most skilled surgeons can get unfavorable results due to the intricate nasal anatomy.  Perhaps too much alteration took place, or not enough. You are experiencing a failed nose thread lift because your nose:

  • Doesn’t match your face.
  • Is Now Infected!
  • You cant breathe.


Let’s face it! Your Cosmetic Surgeon Wasn’t Qualified.  You are now part of a 15% statistic of a Botched Rhinoplasty.