How long to tape nose after rhinoplasty or how to reduce swelling after rhinoplasty cast removal depends on primarily on the patient following our post operative rhinoplasty instructions on how to tape your nose after rhinoplasty

Along with our postoperative rhinoplasty instructions on how to decrease swelling after rhinoplasty, we recommend the following on how long to tape your nose after rhinoplasty:

How do we tape your nose after rhinoplasty? Taping the nose after a rhinoplasty is done to help control swelling of the nose after surgery and to hold your nose so it wont move and helps to conform to your new shape.

After your rhinoplasty surgery, your nose may swell, particularly around the tip of the nose. Taping holds light pressure on the skin to prevent the skin and soft tissue of the nose from expanding. 

In addition, after a rhinoplasty the underlying shape of the nose has been changed by alteration to the shape of the cartilage of the nose. Taping allows the skin of the nose to help conform to this new shape. 

How long to tape nose after rhinoplasty?  After having Rhinoplasty it is recommended that you should tape your nose for two to three weeks.  Within the first six weeks of rhinoplasty, the healing is still happening and the nose can be sensitive to any kind of damage or trauma that occurs to it.  Because of this, it is recommended that for better results, you should continue taping your nose for several more some months. 

Unfortunately, most patients choose not to continue with “how long to tape nose after rhinoplasty” guidelines and do so when it they are more comfortable not doing taping their nose.

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