Rhinoplasty With Septal Cartilage

Augmentation Rhinoplasty With Septal Cartilage Implants.

There are rhinoplasty surgeons who prefer using natural cartilage grafts over silicone implants and is usually the first choice for augmentation rhinoplasty. This lessens the risk of developing infection, since the “material” used comes from the patient.

Cartilage is generally required in cases where either too much cartilage was removed from prior nasal surgery or in cases where the nose needs addition of cartilage to optimize its cosmetic appearance

Nasal septal cartilage is generally the first choice for cartilage if needed in nose surgery.

Augmentation rhinoplasty using nasal septal cartilage requires harvesting cartilage from the donor site and surgically inserted into the nose to achieve the size, shape and contour of the desired new nose.  

Augmentation Rhinoplasty with nasal septal cartilage is performed normally Under IV Sedation

Nasal Septal Cartilage Is Best For Revision Rhinoplasty

Nasal septal cartilage is readily available in primary rhinoplasty surgery and is generally the best cartilage to work with. In revision rhinoplasty surgery nasal septal cartilage may not be available for cartilage grafting. In this circumstance ear cartilage may be considered for grafting material. Another option for cartilage grafting is the rib.

Septal cartilage is in many ways the ideal cartilage for nasal reshaping especially the tip.  It is in the happy medium between rib and ear in terms of strength, flexibility and other desirous characteristics. It really depends on what your nose needs.  If you are needing significant dorsal augmentation, rib cartilage may be necessary. 

You also need to remember that if your nasal bridge is low and your tip flat then likely you have only a small amount of septal cartilage to use for grafting.