Rhinoplasty With Gore-Tex Implants

Augmentation Rhinoplasty  With Gore-Tex Implants

Augmentation Rhinoplasty with Gore-tex and Tipplasty is another Rhinoplasty procedure that is based on the physical structure of the patients nose and the required expectations of the patient. 

Gore-Tex uses a material made out of pliable and porous material, which allows tissue in-growth to develop. This means that the new tissue growth after the surgery will bind with the material and eventually forms part of the nasal structure.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty with Gore-tex and Tipplasty is performed Under Local Anesthesia

What Are The Advantages Of Augmentation Rhinoplasty With Gore-Tex Nasal Implant?

Because of its flexibility, it is easier to mold and contour the material into the desired shape.

Gore-Tex gives a more subtle and natural looking nose lift in comparison to the results achieved by Silicone implants

Since Gore-Tex integrates well with the tissues, it does not usually get displaced over time. Gore-Tex is also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, unlike Silicone.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Augmentation Rhinoplasty Using Gore-Tex Implant?

Gore Tex is more expensive than Silicone Implants.

In the case of infection, it is nearly impossible to remove the Gore-Tex implant as it integrates well with the nasal tissue.

There is also possibility of shrinkage in the case of Gore-Tex. As we age, the soft material of Gore-Tex is prone to changes.